Can I Use A Wireless Keyboard Without The Dongle?

Using a wireless keyboard without an additional dongle can seem like a daunting task at first, but it is not as difficult or expensive as many people make it out to be! There are several types of wireless keyboards that do not require you to connect to a computer using a USB port.

Some have called these “infinite” wireless keyboards because they do not need to be connected to a specific device with a pre-defined USB slot. This can be helpful if you want to use your wireless keyboard anywhere there is a socket for charging.

However, this article will talk about one more type of wireless keyboard than the others – backlit ones! These feature light-up buttons or screens so you can easily see what key you are pressing. Some even have customizable settings such as changing the color of the button or adding new backgrounds!

This article will also discuss some potential issues that may arise when using a wireless keyboard without a computer. What if someone moves their desk next to yours? Or maybe you just don’t like working close to a wall or other surface areas.

We will also look at how to fix or avoid fixing any possible problems that may occur.

Is it for a router?

A dongle is a device that connects to another product, or in this case, a wireless keyboard’s Bluetooth connection. Technically speaking, a dongle can be described as an adapter.

Most people refer to them as USB sticks because they typically look like a thin pieces of plastic with a slot at one end and a few pins at the other. They are usually very small, under a thumb length, and cost around $10-20 depending on size.

A lot of software requires you to connect your computer to a WiFi network using the included mouse and/or keyboard. Then, if you want to use any other mice or keyboards, you need their universal Bluetooth pairing code which looks similar to the dongles.

Is it for your computer?

Many people use wireless keyboards with their laptops to avoid having to connect a physical keyboard to the laptop every time they want to use it. Unfortunately, not all wireless keyboards work like that!

Mostly they are designed to pair with a specific device such as a phone or tablet, making them useless if you don’t have one of those. Or worse, they require you to download and install a special app in order to actually use the features.

Some still work via Bluetooth technology, but you need to make sure this is compatible with your computer or laptop first. And even then, some users report problems getting it to work properly.

Does it matter?

There are two things that most people get when they purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse either an additional dongle to use with their computer or a keychain version of the dongle.

The reason these pieces are needed is that most computers have something called Wi-Fi technology built in. This allows your device to connect to other devices via the internet, which can be helpful in many ways.

Some students will use them as working accounts so they do not need access to the internet but have easy login credentials, teachers often use them for classrooms, and some just like having extra security.

There are several types of peripherals that require this additional equipment, including the wireless keyboards and mice we discussed here!

Fortunately, there are alternatives to needing one of these expensive extras.

No, it doesn’t

There are two things that most people get when they purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse the dongle to connect with your computer. This device usually has a USB port so you have to buy a compatible USB hub in order to use the equipment otherwise, it will not work.

The other thing many people don’t realize about these products is that they still need an additional monitor to use them effectively. The wireless technology used for the mouse or keyboard isn’t strong enough to transmit all of the data from the mouse or keyboard without adding another display source.

You may want to get a dongle to use a keyboard with a router

If you are using a wireless laptop or desktop computer, chances are very good that there is a small device attached to your computer’s USB port.

This device is called a “dongle” because of its shape – it looks like a stuck top.

Usually, these devices have a keypad on them and some markings for special features such as Google accounts or Bluetooth technology.

The problem is that most of these accessories cost around $20-30 USD! That can add up quickly if you are buying lots of laptops and/or keyboards.

You may want a dongle to use a keyboard with a modem

If you need a wireless keyboard but do not have a computer connected to a wired network, you can usually find a USB receiver that works with your device!

These receivers typically work by connecting directly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. They then reroute the data connection through a different source, such as a Wi-Fi signal or a 3G/4G cellular phone line.






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