Wireless Keyboard

  • Can I Use A Wireless Keyboard With Any Computer?

    Many people use computers these days that do not come with an integrated keyboard. Rather, they must purchase one separately! This is totally fine as long as you know what to look for while shopping. Most computer manufacturers include a small USB or Bluetooth wireless receiver in their product line. The receiver connects wirelessly to […]

  • What Are The Disadvantages & Advantages Of Using A Wireless Keyboard?

    Recent developments in technology have made it possible to connect virtually any device to another device wirelessly. Technology such as Wi-Fi has allowed us to create seamless connections between computers, phones, tablets, and other devices. Using a wireless keyboard is one of the best ways to use this technology. A wireless keyboard does not need […]

  • Do Wireless Keyboards Need Wifi?

    Recent developments in technology have allowed wireless keyboards to become more prevalent. Most of these now are self-charging, which is great as you no longer need to connect your battery to a computer or device to use them! Many people feel that using a wired keyboard is limiting when you can’t easily move it around […]

  • Can You Still Use A Wireless Keyboard Without The USB?

    When we originally wrote this article, there was no way to use wireless keyboards without having an active internet connection. Now that technology has advanced, some companies have designed special keyboards that do not require you to connect them via USB. These are usually referred to as “wired” or “Bluetooth” keyboards. Some of these wired […]

  • What Is The Difference Between A Wireless Keyboard And A Bluetooth Keyboard?

    In this article, we will talk about what is typically referred to as a wireless keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard. Some people may refer to these as connected keyboards because they connect directly with your computer via USB or Bluetooth. But before we get into all of that, let’s start by talking about how many […]

  • How Do I Connect A Wireless Keyboard?

    When using new computer technology, such as working with a laptop that has touch screen capabilities or using a smartphone for your daily activities, having a comfortable keyboard is very important. A wireless keyboard is one of the most popular types of keyboards because you do not have to connect it to an older wired […]

  • Which Keyboard Is Better Wireless Or Wired?

    Recent developments in technology have made it possible to connect virtually any device to another device wirelessly. Technology has also made it easy to lose track of your devices, with every person having their own smartphone making this common. With so many different types of keyboards available, which one is best can be determined by […]

  • Do Wireless Keyboards Use WIFI Or Bluetooth?

    Many people use wireless keyboards as their main keyboard due to convenience. There are two types of technology that most wireless keyboards use– either WiFi or Bluetooth. With wifi, your computer has an internal chip that communicates with the wireless keyboard via a connection. This is typically faster than using BlueTooth since there is no […]

  • Is It Worth Buying A Wireless Keyboard?

    A wireless keyboard is a lovely accessory that has become very popular in recent years. They are typically designed to connect directly to your computer or laptop via Bluetooth, making them function as a separate device. There have been some reports of issues with keyboards not working properly due to poor quality batteries, but these […]

  • Which Keyboard Is Best Wireless?

    Choosing a wireless keyboard is totally fine if you’re just starting to use computers or are looking to switch up your current setup. Most people begin using a computer with an older-style wired keyboard that has touch-sensitive buttons, and as their hands get dry, they find it difficult to keep typing! Wireless keyboards have become […]

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